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Year Ahead 2013 - The impact of a decade of re-regulation

As 2012 draws to a close I can reflect on a year of significant transition for the Financial Services industry and our clients. I regularly visit our clients in all major financial centers and listen to their views on the evolution of the industry. During 2012, "long-term change" has been a consistent theme across all segments of the industry from investment to retail banking. Our clients are committed to adapting their business models to the new industry landscape and this effort is likely to last for many years.

Looking forward, 2013 marks the 12th year that Investance has been delivering specialist management consulting, technology and outsourcing services dedicated to the Financial Services industry. This year we will continue to expand and diversify our business into new markets, develop new offerings and invest in services to support our clients to achieve their objectives.

The landscape will continue to change in the coming decade as waves of both global and regional regulation reshape the marketplace. In response, financial institutions will adapt existing business models and develop new approaches that focus on efficiency, control and flexibility. During this time of change we maintain our focus on working with our clients to shape and deliver their regulatory reform response initiatives.

In this year’s issue of The Year Ahead we focus on the re-regulation of the Financial Industry and aim to provide our clients with a range of insightful and practical articles on how to respond.

Our lead article looks at the history of financial regulation and what is ahead and proposes 10 ways in which financial institutions should prepare for the changes to come. We provide a roundup of views from our global locations in Europe, India, Asia and America including an insight from our new team in Canada.

Our colleagues working within the Investment Banking, Retail Banking, Insurance and Wealth Management sectors provide a viewpoint of the impacts of key regulations on each sector, from the data management requirements of Solvency II for Insurance industry and the broad ranging impact of Basel III to more specific tax initiatives with extraterritorial reach such as FATCA.

Finally we look at practical ways that financial institutions can change their businesses to both be compliant with regulation at the same time as reduce cost. Our experts in transaction management look at the path to achieving excellence in controls and reconciliations; we look at the rising importance of robust data management and take a fresh look at how financial institutions are outsourcing their business and knowledge processes as a way to achieve efficiencies like never before.

2013 is set to be another year of change and challenge in the financial industry; as the pieces of the regulatory jigsaw begin to fall into place, Investance specialists stand ready to assist you to navigate a path through the complex web of regulation.

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